Goat Farming

Pipal tree provides training to rural women in Goat Farming. The plan here is to provide adequate training in goat farming (related to vaccination, feed, breed etc.), help get them loan from financial institutions, provides regular field support for successful business set up and create market linkages for the final produce. Here we also focus on cultivation and supply of low cost nutritious feed for goats to help improve weight gain.

Large number of farmers suicides are happening in India for last few years. The most important reason for the same is low income from agriculture. The agriculture income has increased only from Rs 27,000 pa in 2002-03 to Rs 38,000 pa in 2012-13 and expected to be around Rs. 50,000 in 2022-23. The problem becomes more severe as India's Rural population is more than double that of Urban population. Also 1 out of every 3 Households in India are dependant only on Agriculture Income.

This lower agriculture income is causing serious distress in Rural India. It is also widening gaps between haves and have-nots causing clashes between rural and urban population over land, water and other issues. Also most of the tax-payers money is being spent in subsiding farmers by way of loan waiver, MGNAREGA scheme and other subsidies.

One Solution is to help improve agriculture income. However as we can not control income earned from the land holding then the other solution is to supplement it by other income.

For years farmer households also earn income from farming animals, businesses in the non-farm sector and/or working as wage earners within or outside agriculture. The need of the day is to increase farmers participation in the Agri-allied activities and also to help family members earn salary income by providing them jobs in non-farm sector. If one develops Self Sustainable Models which do not rely only on the donations or grants then it would reduce severity of this problem significantly in future.

Goat Farming can be made into a profitable proposition for rural women if done with adequate training and support. Important success factors in goat farming are identification of right breed, timely and adequate vaccination / deworming, hygiene of the shed and surrounding area, adequate feed and care during breeding. These factors can help reduce mortality, improve weight gain and thereby help improve annual income by around Rs. 60,000.

Pipal Tree has addressed all these factors in systematic manner. Pipal Tree provides vocational training to women for Goat farming. Post training it provides financial support through NBFC/Banks to set up small business, help make it profitable by on field support / market linkages. Eventually model could become sustainable by way of commission from NBFCs and market linkages in addition to the donations.